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Do you know Warby Parker? You should.

Since I was first introduced to Warby Parker by my stylish pal Rhonda a few weeks ago, I can’t stop telling anyone willing to listen about the hip, altruistic eyewear company.

What makes Warby Parker (the name was inspired by characters in writer Jack Kerouac’s journals) so special? None of the company’s super chic prescription eyewear costs more than $95. Really. And for each pair of glasses purchased, another is donated to someone in need through nonprofits such as

The philanthropic angle is matched in awesomeness only by the eyewear offerings and unconventional Home Try-On program, in which the company will ship five of their retro-styled frames for you to test drive and mail back.

Warby offers optical and sunwear options for men and women. And get this — they offer a monocle too, described on the site as “the perfect accessory for budding robber barons, post-colonial tyrants and super villains.”