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Jeff and Janet Ganoung

Jeff and Janet Ganoung, owners of Great Harvest Bread Company and founders of Animal Kneads Day.
Jeff and Janet Ganoung, owners of Great Harvest Bread Company and founders of Animal Kneads Day. JAMEY PRICE

Jeff and Janet Ganoung love good bread, and they love animals. The Ganoungs, who who have owned Great Harvest Bread Company on Kings Drive for nine years and at Piper Glen for three, united these two loves when they started Animal Kneads Day five years ago. The Ganoungs open Great Harvest on a Sunday, when they are usually closed, bake countless loaves of their bread and donate all of the proceeds to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program. Animal Kneads Day will be Aug. 21 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Piper Glen, 6420 Rea Road. Call 704-543-5550 for more information.

Janet Ganoung

I am passionate about the cause of animal needs because animal companions give us unconditional love, and yet they have no voice. It is our responsibility as humans to be good stewards to the animals in our lives.My favorite snack from Great Harvest Bread Company is our Blueberry Oatbran Muffin, hearty but not overly sweet.The goal of Animal Kneads Day is to educate the public as to the importance of spay/neuter in reducing the number of homeless animals in the area and to raise funds to offer free or low cost spay/neuter procedures.My favorite animal is an animal that is willing to give and receive love, especially cats and dogs. What living being doesn’t want to be acknowledged, accepted, and valued?!The cause of Animal Kneads Day is important to the community because Ghandi said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” This can easily apply to Charlotte as well. We have the opportunity to do what is right for the least among us. It is our wish to inform residents of this very simple way to be responsible and make a huge impact.

Jeff Ganoung

My favorite product to make is our simplest whole grain bread, “Honey Whole Wheat.” To take five simple ingredients (whole-wheat flour, water, honey, yeast, and salt) and be able to “pull” or extract the huge amount of flavor that comes out in it is very satisfying. It shows how powerful the magic of baking can be!At home, my favorite thing to bake is Who has time to bake at home?Our pets are two cats, Onyx, a female Maine Coon cat, and Harvest, who we think is a cross between an American Short-hair cat and a garbage truck! They are both rescue cats from the CMPD Animal Care and Control Center.We opened Great Harvest to provide the community with heart-healthy whole-grain products that also taste great, to provide an opportunity for young people to learn more about both the art and science of baking and about running a small business, and to give back to the community.