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Experience: The Wine Palette

The Wine Palette

Want to become your own Romare Bearden ... or get to know your creative side a bit better? Why not give it a go with The Wine Palette (TWP)?

TWP is a locally owned company that wants you to express yourself through art. The concept is simple - enjoy a sip of wine while creating your own masterpiece! As an amateur painter myself, I love this concept...and what isn't better with a glass of vino? You are allowed to bring your own wine to the party, and food if you'd like to. The owners, Neha Negandhi and Monika Shah (who also happen to be sisters!), want to make the environment just right for all of their customers, and they truly go the extra mile.

When I visited the studio, they were hosting Raise Your Palette Night, where they partner with a local charity. 50% of all proceeds made that evening go towards the charity. That evening's beneficiary was Promising Pages, a local non-profit group that provides books and literary programs to children in need. Neha welcomed all the attendees to the event, and Monika was the paparazzi of the evening, taking photos of the guests.

In addition to Raise Your Palette events, TWP hosts private events (why not blow out your birthday candles at TWP?) and will even come to your office for team building opportunities with your employers.

While having your social painting experience, there is an instructor that walks you through creating your artwork, step by step so there is no reason to be intimidated. There are various designs that can be created such as landscapes, guitar, zen tree, etc and all are posted on their online calendar.

When it was just an idea

Neha shared how The Wine Palette was born. Her first "sip and paint" experience was with friends in Atlanta. She literally had not picked up a paintbrush since she was 5 years old but felt so accomplished after putting the finishing touches on her painting with her friends. She loved the idea and had a great time doing it. She called her sister, Monika, that night to share how much fun she had.

When her sister later came to visit, Neha took her to the same "sip and paint" place, along with a friend to experience it firsthand. After that visit, the sisters really began to think about the idea of creating their own "sip and paint" place. Neha says she and Monika "just kept talking [about it]". She went on to say that the idea "took hold of us, it wouldn't leave us. The idea was born in January, and now seven months later, it is a reality."

While Neha says that owning a business is 'all-consuming' and like 'birthing a child,' she still walks in the building, sister by her side, and looks around and says, "I can't believe I created this." What a wonderful feeling!

Gift this experience

The Wine Palette is a great experience for the wannabe artist, anyone creative, or someone with a keen eye for design (or so they think). Taking it a step further, I could see this as a great date night ... a guy taking a girl to TWP would get extra points for gifting such a unique experience, don't you think? This could also be a fun girl's night out or an impromptu drop-in after a stroll down Central Avenue.