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Snapshot: Scott Pennington

Leigh Kostoryz (left) and Scott Pennington.
Leigh Kostoryz (left) and Scott Pennington. Courtesy of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region

After having surgery on his left knee, Charlotte native Scott Pennington still biked over ten miles – “ten miles of pain,” he says - in the 2010 Pedal The Park event for the Levine & Dickson Hospice House, where his mother, Mary Kay, was a patient in May 2010. His sister, Leigh Kostoryz, and members of their mother’s spinning class participated in Pedal The Park as a team, aptly named the Pedal Pushers. Pennington and Kostoryz forged a special bond with the hospice house, the residential facility of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, that outlasted their mother’s passing. Pennington visits Levine & Dickson Hospice House monthly to donate orchids in honor of his mother, “hoping to bring smiles to all the patients.” Pedal The Park is on Sept. 5 at 8 a.m., at the Levine & Dickson Hospice House, in The Park-Huntersville, 11900 Vanstory Drive, Huntersville. Call 704-375-0100 or visit for more information.

The Levine & Dickson Hospice House is unique because everyone who works for the center understands the emotions that are going on with families and their loved ones. Their compassion and kindness is beyond words, but most of all it's a place where you never have to explain the depth of your grieving because they live it every day with the patients and their families.

My experience with the Levine & Dickson Hospice House was special because it gave our family a place to come and be together without interruption.

In my opinion, Hospice is a wonderful organization that understands the needs of patient and family during the fragile state that both are in.

I participate in Pedal The Park to bike for all of those patients who can't but would love to be able to. It makes you really appreciate being healthy.

When biking, I am motivated by our Mom, who loved sports and sporting events. She loved that we were athletes.

The best thing about biking is experiencing the sense of freedom you feel when you ask your body to perform and it does. It is an escape from the day-to-day demands and challenges in life because everything that you left behind on the ride will be there waiting for you when you get back. Maybe then you have a clearer mind set to tackle whatever it is at hand.

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