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Snapshot: Taylor, Richards & Conger


Glen Taylor, Dick Pattison (who transformed his first name into the “Richards” of the store’s name) and Lyn Conger have been making Charlotte look better since they opened their men’s clothing store in 1986. Taylor, Richards & Conger is marking its 25th anniversary this October. By introducing clothing lines from the likes of Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss and Donna Karan, they have added a new perspective to the city’s style scene. After requests from the wives and girlfriends of their clients, they expanded into women’s fashion in 2006. More:

Glen Taylor:

Since we opened the store, fashion has become much more casual. This trend developed out of the original "jeans generation" of the late 60s and early 70s. By the 1990s they had become the heads of companies, and the phenomenon of ‘casual Friday’ was installed in the workplace. This expanded into relaxed dress code in business today.

I am passionate about men's fashion because I am too old to be passionate about anything else. Actually, I love the sense of art and design in the textiles and the finished garment. Most people have no idea of how complicated it is to make a jacket and have it fit correctly. Only someone with a great artisan’s skill and sense of style can accomplish this. I am most comfortable when I am wearing what is most appropriate for where I am and what I am doing at the time. I like to wear shorts as much suits if that is what is called for. I like to fit organically into whatever environment I find myself.

Richard Pattison:

Our typical clientele are self-motivated individuals with a taste for the very best. They are not necessarily driven to buy the most expensive, but they do want the best in quality, design and craftsmanship.

The tackiest/ugliest men's fashion trend of the past 25 years has been designer Thom Browne’s ‘Shrunken Suit’ featuring a diminutive jacket with short sleeves and calf-length trousers. But he did accomplish one thing with his unique suit: three and a half years later, we’re still talking about itand him!

A tie should be worn with your suit when the invitation states ‘RSVP’...when you’re wearing polished lace-up shoeswhen all eyes will be on you.

Lyn Conger:

I have been able to work with some well-known clients because being in the forefront of better quality clothing in Charlotte for 25 years has given me the opportunity to service many successful businessmen, from entrepreneurs and lawyers to the finance and racing industry.

Bow ties are always appropriate for the traditionalist, and in addition they are a trend in the young men’s environment, particularly at the collegiate level.

The greatest men's fashion trend of the past 25 years has been the re-emergence of natural shoulder clothing, as opposed to the exaggerated shoulders of the '80's, of which Giorgio Armani would be a good example.