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Fashion Rules are Made to be Broken

I wasn’t going to write about the whole white after Labor Day thing, but I continue to be inundated with queries even as the calendar moves dangerously close to October.

“Is white after Labor Day taboo?”

“Will I be breaking some mythical fashion rule if I wear a white sweater after Sept. 5, 2011?”

In short, no. And anyone who tells you different needs to sit their McJudgy self down for a moment and listen.

There is some history behind how this storied rule came into existence, but here’s the deal: It’s not 1811, it’s 2011. And rules, especially fashion rules, are made to be broken.

Rather than getting hung up on a color, focus more on materials when trying to navigate the post-summer-but-still-warm-in-the-South weather. Put things that scream summer — like seersucker and linen, regardless of color — into storage. Would you wear corduroy in the summer? Probably not.

Consider styling options that will take the summery edge off your wardrobe. For example, take a white eyelet lace dress, pair with tights and shooties or boots and a cropped jacket and you’ve got a perfectly seasonably appropriate ensemble featuring a *gasp* white dress.

If you just can’t bring yourself to wearing white jeans in the fall, start out with white accessories to build your comfort and confidence. A few years ago, I carried a white leather bag all fall and winter and received endless compliments every where I went. A big part of that was because I rocked a pseudo fierce attitude with it too — like “Yeah, I’m carrying a white bag in February. I’m a fashion rebel!”

Still not convinced? The “other” Rachel agrees.

I die.