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My one simplicity-seeking new year's resolution for 2012

I'm going to stop treating rude, boring and dumb people like they are kind, interesting and smart.I am calling this Operation Suffer Fools Less Gladly.Sincerely believe this will save me HOURS in 2012.Talked with a few girlfriends about this. We realized we are wasting time with these people -- time being excessively polite, and then time being annoyed by the whole thing later. Precious time that should be spent with people we really do like and find interesting (my friends and family, that includes you! This post is about those Other People In Life). Which isn't to say we're embracing flaming bitchiness all the time. It's just that we're too far on the other end of the spectrum, the one that socializes women in particular to always listen attentively, always find something nice to say, and to feel it is their purpose to make the other person feel comfortable.MISTAKE!Time for a bit more "you're wrong," "that's not actually true," and "maybe you should try reading books."I'll let you know how many bricks I get thrown through my windows.OR!I'll let you know how much acting a bit more like a cranky 70-year-old makes my life easier, simpler, happier. You gotta give it to cranky 70-year-olds for not wasting time on stupid shit. If that's not simplicity, what is?Of this plan ...My friend A says: Yes! Live authentically!My sister says: I have serious concerns about where this will lead.My friend C says: My cousin does this all the time, especially "you're wrong."  I think it has helped her be successful in many ways and she seems to completely avoid the sort of neurotic, obsessive misery I tend to subject myself to.(Clearly you can see why I love all three of these people).**Meanwhile in medialand, lookie! I have trouble shutting up about the recession, savings and the environment.I was in the WSJ: How to Save $10,000 by Next ThanksgivingAnd Forbes: Generation X, Time to RebootAnd E, The Environmental Magazine: Meet The Fakers