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The Spotlight: FABO

FABO (Fabulous Art Buying Opportunity) is a spot like no other in Charlotte. Located on Selwyn Avenue, this shop works with local artists to sell their artwork, handmade pottery, jewelry and more. In addition, FABO sells coffee, tea, wine, bite size snacks and more. FABO is not only a coffee shop (for lack of a better word) but also a gallery of sorts, showcasing the work of local artists, all of which are are for sale. While sipping your cafe mocha or enjoying a snickerdoodle cookie, you are immersed in the creativity that fills the room.

Owner Amy Aussieker always loved artwork and traditional galleries but says her idea for FABO came about when she had a hard time affording those pieces in traditional art galleries. "There are so many fabulous artists that don't have the resume to get into some of the bigger galleries but they have wonderful, affordable artwork," says Aussieker. Currently she is featuring approximately 20 artists with varied styles and techniques. "One of my favorite parts of my job is when I get to call a new artist and tell them one of their pieces sold," says Aussieker.

Amy also enjoys chatting with customers as they peruse artwork, stroll in for a meeting or grab a cup of joe. "I feel like I am constantly hosting a party," Aussieker gushes about her loyal customers.

Speaking of parties, FABO will be having one this Sunday and it is sure to be a treat. It's the FABO's Fabulous Under $50.00 Shopping Event taking place this Sunday, December 4th from 3-6 p.m. Several artists will be on site while you check out their wares... and of course there will be wine samples and specials.

This is a great time to pick up a Christmas gift for someone special, but before picking up anything be sure to remember the giftee's personal style. Also, keep their home design in mind too -- if they are traditional, you don't want to go with a modern piece. If you pick the right piece of artwork, the giftee should know exactly where to put the item in their home once they open the present. That is, it should mesh with their style very easily. In addition to artwork, other items will be a part of this shopping bonanza including jewelry, ornaments, coffee and more!