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My Favorite Things (Right Now)

I test drive a lot of products and do a lot of shopping, though considerably less than when I was a full-time fashion editor.

While I aspire to blog on a moment’s notice about my latest fave (kind of like Oprah did with her Favorite Things shows, but without the free cars and sweaters), I can’t seem to find time to do that with any kind of regularity.

So, read on for a quick list of things that have consumed my consciousness at the moment. Each is blog-worthy and deserving of a full, separate post, but my crazy life just won’t allow that right now.

Redken Aerate 08 Bodifying Creme Mousse: My struggles to attain massive, 80s-esque volume is the stuff of legend and also near impossible given my fine, finicky locks. Enter my hair savior Amy Swaney, owner of Shine Salon*.She listened when I complained about how my hair products weren’t working the way I wanted and suggested I try this amazing product. FINALLY — body and hold that doesn’t turn into a pile of grease after a few hours.

George Gina and Lucy Paradise Angel bag:I have some shopping-enabling friends who help feed my handbag addiction from time to time. After listening to me whine about how much I wanted a killer GGL bag, but didn’t have the funds to support my wishes at the moment, one friend texted me from JT Posh,a fabulous Charlotte consignment shop, to let me know there was a GGL on the sales floor for 1/4 of the retail price. What could I do but ask her to have them put it on hold for me. It’s perfect for me — detailed without being fussy, flexible (can be worn cross-body and carried on the shoulder) and nearly indestructible.

Jesse’s Girl Black Eyeliner: My quest for the perfect liner with which I can underline my lashes (I wear liner under my upper lashes to help give them a little more umph) is seemingly never ending. I need one that goes on smooth, doesn’t run and doesn’t sting. If it doesn’t cost a zillion dollars, even better. Enter Jesse’s Girl (no, its not about Rick Springfield, as much as I’d like it to be): a NC-based cosmetics company I was introduced to last year at Cosmoprof. Jesse’s Girl products are available at Rite Aid and out-perform their modest prices. My new fave liner? $1.99 with a built in sharpener. Score!

*Shine Salon is a client of my company, Rachel Sutherland Communications