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A season of options

Arlene Goldstein
Arlene Goldstein

Arlene Goldstein, vice president of trend merchandising and fashion direction for Charlotte-based Belk department stores, was right on trend, naturally, during a spring fashion presentation at Belk at SouthPark mall. She was giddy with excitement over the upcoming season, and that attitude of optimism and happiness is the overarching theme that consumers will see reflected in stores. “Spring fashions will dazzle and delight,” she told her audience. Here are five of her thoughts that I found inspiring:

1. When we see new trends, it sometimes takes our minds a while to adjust. Don't write off a new look right away until you let it percolate in your brain for a while.

2. It’s a season of options. One day, you may want to wear a shorter skirt, the next you may want to go for a maxi dress. 

3. Showing the shoulders or other subtle ways to be sexy are much more appealing than revealing too much skin.

4. Neutral colored shoes are still fresh and can be worn even with black. A neutral wedge is the shoe of the season.

5. Although skinny jeans are still in, the wide leg pant is going to be “big.”
 Whatever items you choose to buy to update your wardrobe, heed these final words of wisdom from Goldstein: “Boring is not an option!”