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Gatsby glam

When we think of the Roaring ‘20s and “The Great Gatsby,” we envision a flapper with finger waves and a dress covered in fringe – a caricature. This spring, designers have brought the 1920s back down to earth in a really modern way. Pleats, polka dots, blushing neutrals and slinky silhouettes can be found everywhere, and women and men’s clothes have taken a turn for the preppy.

One of the most versatile of the trends for women is the pleated skirt. From mini to maxi, there is a skirt to suit any woman’s taste. A midi-length (calf-length) skirt is a great piece to take from work to drinks, and a pleated skirt on a dress can serve the same function.

The blush color palette of the 1920s is neutral but never boring. A top in a modern shape and romantic hue is a great way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe. A dress with soft lines in a floaty fabric is another way to wear the trend.

The easiest way for a lady to get the twenties look is to wear a loose fitting, slinky silhouette. Clothes hung easier back then, never too tight, never too revealing. Try a shift dress in a boxy shape or a pair of wide-leg silk pants. And the comfort of these pieces is an added bonus.

Men can get into the era by opting for a tailored, preppy look. Bright colors and bold patterns are an easy way to achieve the look. Try a cheery gingham shirt or a boldly patterned bowtie. While the women of the 20s wore slinky, loose fitting shifts, the men wore perfectly fitted suits and jackets. Men put thought into the tailoring of their clothes, and it showed. There were no sagging pants or bunchy shirts. A three-piece suit is not the only way to achieve this style – try wearing a fitted blazer with a pair of jeans with a dark wash.

Everyone has the opportunity to channel their inner Daisy Buchannan or Jay Gatsby this spring. A few key pieces can take you back to the age of speakeasies and flappers, no fringe required.

Merchandise provided by: J. McLaughlin, 421 Providence Road,

Nordstrom, SouthPark mall,

Fresh, 813 Providence Road,

Bevello, Phillips Place,

K-la, Phillips Place, Jason E. Miczek

Location: Childress Vineyards, Lexington NC,

Hair: Danielle Maddox

Makeup: Elizabeth Tolley, Kymm, and Danielle Maddox

Models: Mark King, Chloe Klapish and Leah Pack. Directions USA,