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Snapshot: Carol Hevey

Carol Hevey is executive vice president for Time Warner Cable's East Region and has won numerous awards for her success in business, including the Queens University 2010 Charlotte Businesswoman of the Year. For the second year in a row, Hevey is serving as the chairwoman of the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign in Charlotte. The Go Red for Women luncheon will be held May 10 at the Charlotte Convention Center, but awareness campaigns and fundraisers continue year-round. For more information about Go Red for Women, visit

I became involved with Go Red for Women in the middle of 2010. As a woman in a senior leadership job at Time Warner Cable, I have an interest in issues that are of interest to women: I have been working on development programs and different opportunities to promote women in the company. I saw Go Red for Women as an extension of that, as a way to work on an issue that is critically important for women in my community. The health and fitness aspect was very appealing to me because I am someone who believes in taking care of myself and doing everything that I can to be in good health. I also have a family connection. At a very young age, for me as well as for her, I lost my grandmother to heart disease. And my husband lost his father to heart disease.

The most rewarding part, as I look back on the two years I’ve been involved, has been seeing the results of the education process. Women who come in to Go Red for Women are not necessarily aware of what a significant health issue heart disease is for women. As women learn about that and become aware of it, you see women really making significant changes in their life and their lifestyle.

Everyone who’s become involved in Go Red for Women has a very personal connection, in that they know someone in their lives who has been touched by heart disease. To see people become aware that this is such a significant issue but that there are things we can do to control whether heart disease impacts us or impacts the people in our lives - it's very powerful.

Women need to know that heart disease is the number one cause of death among women, and is a significantly more prevalent than any other cause of death – more women die of heart disease than the next four causes of death combined. And there are many things women can do about whether heart disease is going to impact their lives and whether they're going to be vulnerable and fall victim. Go Red for Women helps to get that message out – to educate women, raise awareness, advocate on behalf of women and fund research into heart disease.

I think my favorite thing about living in Charlotte is just the people who live here and the strong sense of community that people have. People are very warm, very welcoming and really embrace each other and that sense of community.

My life motto is be passionate, find meaningful ways of contributing, believe in what you're doing and have fun.