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Secrets of the Arm Party

I recently scored the most colorful, wonderful arm partyfor $12ish dollars. Really.

I have to share the details because the story of its creation epitomizes high-low dressing and a willingness to see style where ever you are.

While on a shopping road trip to Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem with my friend Kisten (she writes the fab Polish Pauper blog), we hit my favorite spot for super cheap, on-trend accessories: Forever 21. I stumbled across a bowl full of bracelets (similar bangles here) and was stunned to see that even by Forever 21 standards, they were hella inexpensive: $1.80 per set.

I wasted no time putting five sets in my basket. When I got home, I split the sets, giving my daughter the skinny metal bracelets, keeping the colorful wrapped bangles for myself. A few days later, I spied another colorful wrapped bangle in the $1 bin at Michael’s. I snatched it up.

I wore my colorful bangles to a speaking engagement recently, and was peppered with questions about where I purchased the set, even going to so far as to ask if I had picked them up at a specific boutique in Charlotte. While I thought for a sec about just saying yes, I came clean about my secret source of budget-friendly accessories.

The moral of this jewelry story? Don’t judge a store (even a craft store) by it’s cover. Beautiful fashion can be found just about anywhere. Wear your budget-friendly finds proudly — I know I will!