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Bathroom Organizing with Style & Function


I admit that I am functional not fancy. I “could” pull together an inspiration board that turns my drab bathroom into a beautiful calming retreat. I “could” gather supplies that mimic by bathroom inspiration board and install them myself. What I will do is organize by bathroom by function and then let the style follow suit.

I think the missing tool in most designers toolbox is designing around function. Function should come before style and design any day. Because if it comes first, then the rest easily falls in place. Decide what you need to make your bathroom functional, then find the fun design pieces that work within those needs!

What are the functions that happen within your bathroom space?

I’m not talking about a powder room, guest bath, or kid’s bath. Your (the master bedroom) bathroom.

Some functions are: Shower/Bathe


Toilet paper





Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash/Soap

Dress/Get ready

Dry your hair

Apply makeup

Nightly routine

Wash face

Brush teeth

Now think about how you want those functions to interact within that space. Some things you won’t be able to change immediately, like counter space and cabinet/storage space.

You might need to get creative in how you keep the bathroom organized. I always recommend going up, as in use the wall space that is available. Closed cabinets (free standing or wall mounted) are great options if you prefer not to see your “stuff”. I also like shelving units and floating shelves for those daintier, prettier things that belong in the bathroom. Perfume is a great example. Perfume bottles are made to look like countertop candy, so why not display them!

Baskets are a dream come true for corralling like with like. My favorite places to pick up attractive options? Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Home Goods.

How do you organize your bathroom?