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Get Creative with an Organized Craft Room

Thanks to Pinterest we all have a budding crafter just waiting to come out. Creativity aside, the hardest part of crafting is storing the supplies. The supplies seem to explode and take over any available work surface once a project is started.

I love crafting but I hate the leftover supplies. What am I to do with 100 hot pink feathers? I only needed 10 for my feather headband.

There are essential items necessary to creating a calming and inspiring craft room or corner.

1. Work surface2. Comfortable chair3. Supplies Cutting utensil


Xacto Knife






Pens/Markers4. Shelving5. Containers for small supplies (glue dots, ribbon, pom poms)6. Pegboard

The best way to organize a craft room or corner is to use the wall space. Go up with shelving and pegboard.

The goal is to quickly grab what you need when ready to craft and quickly clean up when it is time to move on to something else.

What is your favorite craft hobby? Mine is painting and distressing old wooden frames.

Until next time...