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Fashion 5Qs: Cam Newton

Cam Newton will be at the SouthPark Belk store from 2-4p Saturday, June 1, where attendees can enter to win a $300 MADE Cam Newton wardrobe and receive an autographed photo. Five percent of any purchases made during the event will be donated to the Cam Newton Foundation to enhance the lives of youth in Charlotte.

The dashing NFL player/college student (yep — he’s finishing his degree at Auburn) recently shared some details via email interview about MADE, a clothing line he launched with Belk this fall. Color me dissapointed that he chose not to answer “tough” questions like his preferred style of undies or whether he committed any fashion crimes in the past.

Q. How would you describe your personal style? ”I have a classic southern style but I like to add a pop of color, or a twist to my look. I’m not afraid of color – I’ll wear a lillac jacket or a pink shirt no problem – but no matter I’m a fairly classic dresser.”

Q. How does that carry over into MADE? “My parents always taught me that you have only chance to make a first impression. So I wanted to bring this same kind of thinking into designing a clothing line. I wanted to design a collection that had a variety of prices so that someone could afford the full suit or another could afford a new blazer they could put with a pair of jeans they already own.”

Q. If you had to describe the inaugural collection in two words, what would they be? “Versatile and prideful (it’s not about purchasing an entirely new wardrobe, but it is about being conscious of how you present yourself, and taking pride in that).”

Q. What is the mistake most men make when buying clothes? “Not paying attention to tailoring. You can wear the most expensive shirt the world has ever seen, but if the tailoring and sizing are wrong, you end up looking disheveled and careless. Tailoring should complement your form, with clean lines and a sharp finish.”

Q. What is the one must-have key piece that every man should have in his closet? “A crisp button-down dress shirt that fits properly! It’s the most important piece of a man’s wardrobe because it is perfect for formal moments that require suits, but also the sleeves can be rolled up and worn with jeans or chino shorts for a classic look.”