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This ain’t your mama’s meatloaf

Courtesy of Richard Rudisill.
Courtesy of Richard Rudisill.

We’ve all had it. A solid mass of ground meat; baked until unrecognizable and covered in pure ketchup. Yes, it’s true; meatloaf is a dish some love and most despisethat is until now. Why make meatloaf when you can take ground beef, form it into patties and give it a nice char on the grill. Slap it between two buns and top with everything imaginable. True, burgers are wonderful. But what if told you that this meatloaf is better; dare I say, better than most burgers?Ok, just give this a chance and I am telling you that you will make this again and again; and probably even slap it between two buns at some point because it is just that good. Meatloaf starts with fillers. Not just for flavoring or to bind but to help keep it moist even after time in the oven and finished on the smoker/grill. Mushrooms, whether you like them or not, are perfect for meatloaf; they will absorb some of the cooking juices and keep them in the meatloaf. The addition of other flavoring components, pepperoni, peppers, onions, garlic; take this to another level of meatloaf. Wrap anything in bacon and of course it will be better than anything you’ve had before, but add some smoke and now you have something that deserves a better name than meatloaf. Maybe “your highness” “your majesty” “greatest of all times”; wellyou get the point.Give this a try along with the bourbon balsamic glaze and you family surely won’t ever miss meatloaf night again, ever. Serve this dish with sides like stewed tomatoes, or my roasted buffalo style cauliflower and or grill smashed jerked potatoes. For all of these recipes and lots more visit

Triple Threat Smoked Meatloaf

Bourbon Balsamic Glaze