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Discovery Place
Discovery Place

Museum Scavenger Hunt at the Gantt CenterLately it seems scavenger hunts have gone way of the bar-crawling crowd, but the Gantt Center is staying traditional with this childhood fave. Groups are divided into teams during a guided tour where you’ll work together to solve brain teasers leading you from clue to clue (and from different images to artifacts). The winning team earns the most points, but this being educational, everyone’s a winner. $12 per person (includes cost of admission).

Narroway Spotlight TourNarroway Productions in Fort Mill isn’t just taking you on a behind-the-scenes look at the Bible — they’re taking you behind the scenes of their broadway-style Christian productions, too. The Narroway Spotlight tour guides participants through what it takes to produce an entire show — you’ll be given a script and costumes, learn stage techniques and help prepare the live animals for a performance. Weekdays and weeknights by appointment only. Must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance.

Backstage at IMAX at Discovery PlaceKids love discovering how things work, so it’s comes as no surprise that Discovery Place is also unlocking the mysteries of its massive IMAX theatre. During the Backstage at the IMAX group experience, you’ll see the world’s most powerful film projector and largest film format used today — a reel containing 2.5 miles of it, weighing 250 pounds. You’ll also meet with an IMAX projectionist before heading into the theatre to see everything in action.

Dinosaurs Alive at CarowindsJurassic Park 3D was a blast from the past for adults — Anyone else amazed at how well it stood the test of time? — but for a more kid-friendly experience, check out Dinosaurs Alive! at Carowinds. Featuring 30 life-sized, moving animatronic dinosaurs, interactive consoles and educational content, Dinosaurs Alive! is the most comprehensive Mesozoic experience this side of civilization.

Studio i at IMAGINONNormally we want our kids to stay off the computer and put away the video games, but Studio i at IMAGINON gives them a whole other way to digitally play — in an educational way. Located on the second floor of the Loft, Studio i is stocked with tools your family can use to create live action and animated videos. Mix and edit with Pinnacle, GarageBand, iMovie, Final Cut, Scratch and StopMotion Pro, then burn your masterpiece to disc for purchase, or share it online.