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Vacations are happening all around. Three day weekend trips to full blown family beach trips. When it comes to packing, I like to keep it simple and separated. Simple in what I take. Separated by style. For example, I keep all toiletries and hair products together but separated from my clothes. I store my makeup in a small zip top bag.

I’ve noticed that the more organized you are in packing, the more likely you are to unpack quickly when you get home. It takes me roughly 20 minutes to completely unpack from an trip. If it takes you several days, then these tips will certainly help!

ChecklistboldMaking a list and checking it twice isn’t just reserved for Santa. I have a checklist of items that I pack each and every time I leave my apartment. From toothpaste and toiletries, to directions and chargers, to sunscreen and bug spray. The last thing I want to do is waste vacation money buying something I should have remembered to pack.

Here is a travel checklist from The Container Store.Space BagsMy go to travel accessory. I might keep it simple in what I pack but I still overpack to some degree. Swimsuits. Cover ups. Workout clothes. Evening clothes. The list goes on. To save space within my suitcase, I use Travel Space Bags. I like the ones that you can roll the air out versus the vacuum suction. You don’t usually have access to a vacuum while on vacation.

I use 3 bags when packing, separated by style. Pajamas and workout clothes. Swimsuits and cover ups. Evening clothes and day outfits. Travel Space Bags come in a variety of sizes.

Cord StorageWe all travel with our gadgets. Digital cameras. iPhones. iPods. Nintendo's. You name it and we own it.

I store my iPhone charger and earphones in a sunglass case. Easy to find and store in my purse or carry on!

I prefer the Travel GRID-IT! Organizer for all other cords and devices. It lays relatively flat in the suitcase and easily organizes each gadgets accessory.

Ziploc BagsI use Ziploc bags for all sorts of items when traveling. Makeup. Makeup brushes. Shampoo and other leak-able products.

I also love using plastic zip top bags to corral like with like. Snacks. Baby items. Travel games. Sunscreen & bug spray. First aid kit. There is a wide assortment of bags available at Target and Walmart. I prefer something medium in size and see through. Travel AppsLast by certainly not least is travel apps. Here is a great article with 26 Must Have Travel Apps.

My favorite is Yelp, AroundMe, and GasBuddy. I have also used Kayak to score lower nightly rates at hotels!

They are worth downloading and saving for an organized travel day!

Until next time...Jennifer