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Jacque Ellis Q&A

Jacque Ellis has been a fashionista since she discovered her love for all things trendy while shopping with her mom as a child. Her work with Simon Fashion Now brings accessible fashion to women across the country through fashion shows at various Simon Malls. We caught up with Ellis to talk about her Charlotte show this weekend—and this season’s latest trends.

What trends can we expect to see this fall?Leather has been front and center on the runway in everything from jackets to dresses. We’re seeing it at all price points from more luxurious brands to faux-leather options that are more affordable. There are a variety of hues, including vibrant blues, pastels, and of course the more traditional colors. The moto-chic look has especially been represented on the runway through stud and chain detailing. We’ve also been seeing lots of different patterns on the runway.

What’s popular in terms of accessories this fall?When I think of fall, I automatically think of boots and certainly those are present this season. Over-the-knee boots can really be a statement piece when paired with something like a basic dress. We’re also still seeing chunkier wedge heels, many with some stud detailing.

What colors are prevalent? We’ve been seeing everything from olive green to vibrant green on the runway. We’re still seeing lots of different tones of red as well. Grey has also been showing up as a new go-to neutral, along with white and black paired together in a color-block effect.

How can shoppers incorporate popular fall trends into their everyday wardrobes?Sometimes fashion can seem intimidating and frustrating, so we really celebrate bringing the runway to you through shopping at your Simon Mall. We aim to showcase fashion that is affordable yet luxurious. However, in shopping for a new season, it’s always important to look at your budget. I usually buy some key, classic, foundation pieces that are not overly trendy and can take you from season to season and then add new pieces and accessories that incorporate trends depending on my budget.

If you had to splurge on one item this fall, what would it be? I personally splurged on a leather skirt with asymmetrical detail this fall, and I would encourage other shoppers to do so as well because of the ability to dress it up or dress it down. With leather as such a big trend this season, I would splurge on anything leather in general, or anything that will make a great classic statement.