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GIVEAWAY: The Great American Girl Doll

What a better way to start the holidays on my blog than with a great GIVEAWAY! HoneeBee Gifts is partnering with local bloggers to bring you a free American Girl doll, just in time for the holidays. American Girl dolls are soooo popular and I can’t wait to share how you can get one for your daughter, niece or another lucky little one. First though, let me share a bit about these dolls who are the Cabbage Catch Kids of my era:)

There’s nothing like a doll to signify playtime and American Girl dolls take it to the next level. I love that the company prides itself in celebrating girls and all that they can be. For a lack of a better wordthe dolls give girls good ole’ wholesome fun. AND, did you know that American Girl is coming to SouthPark in fall 2014?

Think your daughter would like the chance to experience fun with Julie, Cecile or Saige, who happens to be the Girl of the Year? Oh–another option is to create a doll that looks like your little girl. How fun and what I believe is a great personal gift for your girl. Now that I have you super excited, let me tell you how you can get in on this giveaway. The process is pretty simple–you just need to click the link below and sign up via your email address or Facebook account:

Enter the Giveaway!

By signing up you will be entered to win an American Girl doll for your little one at no cost, no strings attached. You can pick one of the favorites or one that looks just like your little one. One lucky winner will get an American Girl Doll of their choice any doll from the American Girl site. Don’t wait to enter get started now!

The winner will be selected at random and notified December 1st. Don’t worry – we’ll make sure you have your American Girl at home before the holidays!

Good luck!