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Tasty Tour

You can call Alton Brown a superstar chef, a funny food pioneer, or ubiquitous Food Network host. Just, as the saying goes, don’t call him late for supper. The host of “Iron Chef America” and “Cut Throat Kitchen,” among others is stopping Charlotte’s Belk Theater on February 24 for a two-hour show titled the Edible Inevitable tour. Or, as Brown says, “Two hours of me doing things that nobody would allow me to do on television.”The family friendly show, which features live music and food demonstrations, is designed to entertain. “I perform a bunch of my food songs with my trio,” says Brown. “There are large very unusual food demonstrations the like, I promise, of which no one has ever seen before. One involves extreme heat, another extreme cold—neither could you pull off at home unless you had some pretty solid building skills and a rather hefty garage.”And Brown is looking forward to sampling some local fare on his Charlotte visit as well. “I have yet to discover a town where there wasn’t something unique going on,” he says. “People in the community that are very proud of what is going on in their locale, you just have to find a way to connect to that.”—Michael Solender