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The Power of Mother-Daughter Shopping

Wall Street Journal

I distinctly remember a shopping trip with my Mom where she told me “When I shop with you I can’t get out the store without spending at least $100″ where I just smiled and said “Who me”? Honestly, what do you say to that?! This was long before the HoneeBee Gifts blog but I guess you can say shopping was always in my blood!

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal delves into the topic of mother-daughter shopping, highlighting the overall love of this age old ritual, the role social media plays and the connection between moms and daughters as they shop till’ they drop.

The article titled The Power of Mother-Daughter Shopping at Any Age shares how the mother-daughter shopping trip is expanding into new territory. Social media is prominent in these changes, whereas both individuals are following (and liking) the same stores, trade photos and create joint pin boards of looks they plan to shop for whether online or in a traditional trip to the mall.

Here are some interesting facts:

-On the day after Thanksgiving last year, some 14% of shoppers were out with a parent, a child or both compared with 11% in 2012 according to America’s Research Group, a research and consulting firm based in Summerville, S.C.-Busy moms and daughters are bonding while running errands, turning shopping trips into a form of quality time.-In a recent survey of 12-19 year-olds, 74% said their parents were “very involved” or “involved” in shopping with them. Futures Company, a consulting firm.-In the above mentioned group, 78% said they respected older family members’ opinions.

I agree that there is power in two-generation shopping (Hi, Mom!) because it gives you QT with your momma and it allows you to get the opinion from someone who really knows what looks good on you. Plus, if you are extra lucky she might foot the bill;) Dream on.

source: Wall Street Journal