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Kent Graham's Charlotte


Chef Kent Graham’s latest restaurant venture, littleSpoon, is set to open in May in Myers Park. Featuring reclaimed oak tables custom built in Charleston and cabinetry from an independently owned workshop in Cornelius, the restaurant will blend rustic and industrial elements to create a warm, modern ambiance. “littleSpoon is a locally driven, seasonally inspired breakfast, lunch and brunch eatery,” says Graham, who was formerly the executive chef at Block & Grinder. “We offer an ever-changing menu of simple food, elevated by locally sourced produce and proteins.” As one of the city’s favorite chefs, we asked where Graham goes to chow down, grab a drink, or just relax in the Queen City. —Valerie Slade

Eating Local“I love the Matthews Community Famers Market. They are my Saturday morning family if you will. When I was first looking for a farmers market, one of the main things I looked for was a market that audited its farmers to ensure that the product they were selling was actually from that farm.”

Southern Comfort“I find Jim ‘N Nick’s style of BBQ to be closest to that of Memphis, which is where I was born and raised. To me, BBQ is something more than just food. It is a memory, a time, a feeling of my past. It takes me back to Sunday lunches with my family while sitting at the dinning room table. When I crave North Carolina style, I enjoy Bill Spoon’s on South.”

Dining Out“One of my favorite places to go for dinner is Customshop. To go in after a long day, sit at the end of the bar, have a cocktail and a few small plates would be it. I can’t just say one dish -- I am a big guy, so it takes more than one dish! Cowfish would be my close second with the What’s Shaken Tuna Bacon.”

City Hideaway“I love going to the Overlook at the airport. There is something so relaxing to sit back and see planes constantly taking off and landing. I also enjoy working in my garden at home.” Kicking Back“To relax, typically, I will make a Bourbon over a sphere of ice with a cigar and sit on my front porch. Otherwise, you might find me watching TV shows such as Knife Fight on Esquire, Mind of a Chef on PBS, and/or House of Cards on Netflix. After a long day of working, sometimes I find it nice to just lose myself in some television.”