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Bright Ideas

For Ann Marie Cale, designing jewelry is just as much about connecting to people and places as it is connecting bead to thread. Though the creator behind the new collection Flourish + Fête has been making her own jewelry since high school, her design temperament began to change when she moved from her home state of Tennessee to Charleston, South Carolina. “I was inspired by the history, the architecture, the tidewater and the diverse mix of people who have made their home there,” she says. Back then, her jewelry had an eclectic, low-country vibe and a palette of Atlantic blues and greens. Now that she’s in Charlotte, Cale takes her cues from the stylish women she’s come to know here. “There’s a more sophisticated, urban feel here.” Flourish + Fête, which launches this month, features an assortment of bracelets and necklaces, each reflecting her love of bold colors and unexpected bead combinations. “I wanted each piece to add something special to a woman’s ensemble without overpowering,” Cale says. The result is a line of punchy jewelry that is just as approachable as it is bold. Pieces range in price from $20 to $150 and can be found at