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Cutting Edge

Carving out a place in his family’s long line of furniture making came naturally for 30-year-old James Broyhill, who creates coffee tables, chairs, and chandeliers from whiskey and wine barrels for his Charlotte company, Heritage Handcrafted. Most recently, the fourth generation furniture maker began venturing into crafting handsome boxes from high-end brand barrels. “Heritage Handcrafted has been built on our furniture operation,” says Broyhill. “But we’ve begun partnering with major distilleries and wineries to create gift packaging.” This month the Charlotte company releases its most luxurious collaboration yet with a limited edition box made from Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels. Look for the boxes, which include items like a crystal decanter and a cigar holder, on the Heritage Handcrafted website,

Dine Out“My favorite place to eat right now is Baku. I like the atmosphere—it’s eclectic. I’m drawn to the Asian-inspired space and I love the dishes—especially the King Crab legs.”

Make a Splash“Before I had to get a real job, I competed in wake boarding. Now I still like going out on my boat on Lake Norman and doing it whenever I get the chance.”

Drink Up“I’ve turned into a sort of bourbon connoisseur and I enjoy the smoothness of Belle Meade Bourbon or Pappy Van Winkle 10 year. I like them on the rocks and to enjoy them while sitting in one of my Heritage Handcrafted Adirondack chairs on my back porch.”

Well Suited“Taylor Richards & Conger is my favorite shop. The Billy Reid collection is great for casual wear and I always seem to pick up a suit or two there every year.”