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Cam Newton, Chandra and Jimmie Johnson, and Ivy Robinson

from left to right

Cam Newton

It would be so easy for Cam Newton to just wear warm-ups or, better yet, a simple T-shirt and jeans. After all, the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers is attractive without the bells and whistles. Lucky for us, though, the Auburn grad looks to sleek suits or khakis and a bold-striped sweater and tie (see GQ July 2011) for his every day look. The 6'5" stunner isn’t just fashionable; he makes fashion. His MADE by Cam Newton line for Belk showcases tailored chinos, fitted polos, and streamlined suits, all of which Newton sports during press conferences, charity events, and hanging around town.

Chandra and Jimmie Johnson

As if Jimmie and Chandra Johnson couldn’t get any more likeable what with their Jimmie Johnson Foundation, which supports K-12 public school programs, the couple of TKYEARS is also one of the most stylish. Whether they’re wearing Raleigh jeans and a button down (for him) and a Proenza Schouler sweater and shearling-lined boots (for her) or dressed for a charity event, the Johnsons always look on point. “My style is a little all over the place,” says Chandra, who is opening an art gallery this spring in conjunction with Mr. Poole Shop (see Laura and Perry Poole). The couple’s effortless style—which, for Chandra, is “understated and classic, with a touch of boho”—is what makes the Charlotte-based couple even more fashionable.

Ivy Robinson

Ivy Robinson’s style is a lot like the events she plans: no two are exactly alike. Which is exactly why the blue-eyed, brunette stunner, whose self-described style is “edgy chic with a splash of rocker girl,” is so alluring. You never quite know what she’ll wear. “My style has always been unique and continuously evolves,” says Robinson, who’s designed weddings and events for professional athletes, New Orleans social elites, and, yes, Bachelorette Emily Maynard. It’s Robinson’s warm disposition, attractive design sensibility, and confidence that makes her even more fashionable among the popped collars and chinos found throughout Charlotte. (Who doesn’t love a woman, who can rock a T-shirt, fur vest, leather jeans, and stilettos with fringe and look hot?) Though she’s busy traveling the country for her events, her next task is designing and planning Diamonds Direct’s exclusive watch store launch party debuting next month and, of course, lots and lots of weddings.

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Photos by Getty Images, Daniel Coston, Lisa Turnage