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Kevin Carter, Laura and Perry Poole, Emily Maynard

Kevin Carter

Designer Kevin Carter was just seventeen years old when his creations were hanging in the Mint Museum alongside Girogio Armani and Oscar De La Renta. The founder of Kevin Vain designs launched his own company when he was just sixteen, designing clothes using fabrics like chiffon, satin and silks. He’s working on a menswear and ready to wear line and describes his own personal style as “high fashion goth” but admits to an Abercrombie phase in high school. (Yes, if you’re keeping track, that was just two years ago.) He loves mining the Rat’s Nest, a vintage shop in Noda for clothes and ideas and says, “I think dedication to his or her style is what makes someone fashionable.”

Laura and Perry Poole

It’s not often you find someone who has been born and bred in the Queen City. But it’s even less likely to find someone whose style and grace epitomizes Charlotte’s southern roots with its changing landscape. Laura Vinroot Poole is that person. “The South is so real, so hot, it’s so about the land, and I think to exist in that space there’s not a place for frivolity or fussiness,” says the co-founder of mobile shopping app for specialty boutiques, House Account. “For me, it’s always been about being real and being true to where I come from be it the South or my parents.” That approach is what defines the Pooles’ two boutiques, poole shop and Capitol, the latter of which boasts an impeccably curated collection of designers—from Balenciaga to Lanvin—that now define Charlotte’s evolving aesthetic. The effortlessly stylish couple is about to spread more of their fashion sense next month when they open men’s boutique, Mr. Poole Shop, in Myers Park. With Perry, an architect, as creative director, Charlotteans can expect a carefully edited offering of men’s clothing. Says Laura: “It’ll be American, classic, clean, modern.”

Emily Maynard

It could be the Southern drawl or the perfectly coiffed blonde hair that makes Emily Maynard so darn attractive. But when coupled with her classic sense of style, Maynard’s every day look—comfortable and edgy without fuss—becomes the perfect example of how a Southern, working mom should look. Though the former Bachelorette star is fashionable all on her own, stylist Erica Hanks has (reportedly) helped the Towne & Reese jewelry designer streamline her look even more. At her rustic wedding last summer to Tyler Johnson—designed by event planning guru Ivy Robinson—the mom of one’s classic yet modern wedding day look cemented her place as one of Charlotte’s most fashionable.

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Photos by Daniel Coston and supplied by Kevin Carter