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Kristin Taylor Hines and Gwen Hoang, Bill Evans

from left to right

Kristin Taylor Hines and Gwen Hoang

Kristin Taylor Hines and Gwen Hoang met working at the Michael Kors boutique in North Lake Mall and quickly realized they were kindred spirits. Gwen, 20, and Kristin, 21 decided to start a blog, documenting and deconstructing their best outfits and telling readers where they can find each piece. They’re site, Stylishly ambitious, is filled with pictures of the two fashionistas who acknowledge, they have very different styles and say that’s why it works so well. “Gwen is very edgy and loves the editorial side of fashion. I love the more classic and understated side,” Hines says.

Bill Evans

Bill Evans remembers growing up outside rural Mocksville, NC rummaging in his grandfathers’ attic and dressing for church in cowboy boots and a bowtie. He never really quite fit in. Still doesn’t. And that’s the way he likes it. Now 62, the 6’4 eccentric clothing and furniture designer is usually sporting high-waisted trousers he made himself, and 1920’s English glasses. He got into fashion after college when he couldn’t find shirts to fit his massive wingspan. The owner of “One Of’s”, he lives in South Park but travels regularly to Paris, London and New York looking for the fabrics to make one-of-a- kind coats, ties and more. He knows all the movers and shakers in town, having sold Jaguars for twenty years, chaired the Heart Ball auction for more than a decade and sold his wares at Metrolina. ”Fashion,” he says,”is defined as adapting to the current mode.” But he laughs, “Guess I’ve never done that!”

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