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Tara Davis, Liz Hilliard and Clary Hilliard Gray, Carlo Pieroni

from left to right

Tara Davis

Everything about Charlotte native Tara Davis is laidback and relaxed, including her clothing line, Flow by Tara Davis. “Even when I dress up, I’m relaxed,” she explains, though she knows her clients tend to be very chic and sophisticated. (She has styled athletes wives, business owners and city leaders.) A fashion instructor at Johnson and Wales and the Art Institute, she finds inspiration for her women’s sportswear line in everyday things like architecture and home goods and sells everything from jumpers, to dresses and belts on her website. She’s also working on expanding her website and building a factory where young designers can get their start.

Liz and Clary Hilliard

Clary Hilliard is immensely thankful her mom, Liz, didn’t get rid of her clothes over the years and, instead, saved them for her daughter. “If only I could wear her shoes!” laughs Clary, who, along with Liz, created Hilliard Studio Method, one of Charlotte’s preeminent fitness establishments. Together, the duo has not only been helping Charlotteans tone up and lean out but they also set a high standard for fashion in the city. Though their styles—casual and feminine for Clary and streamlined and chic for Liz—vary, one thing is certain: whether they’re sporting lululemon in the studio or Valentino for dinner out, they look utterly fashionable everywhere they go.

Carlo Pieroni

Three and a half years ago famed Italian pin-up photographer Carlo Pieroni and his wife, a former model, moved from Italy to Myers Park because their three kids wanted to attend college in the US. (He has a Duke grad, a son at Wake Forest, and his youngest is at Myers Park high.) Pieroni still travels between Charlotte, New York City, Florence and Paris for work, but says he finds plenty of stylish backdrops right here in the queen city. Style, he says, is about, “Elegance, charm and charisma, coupled with a great eye for color, form and line. I am most impressed by Charlotteans who venture out of the fashion status quo; those who dare to create an individual style.”

Photos by Daniel Coston