3 discount destinations for budget-minded travelers

Tourists and residents mingle in historic Hero’s Square in Budapest, Hungary.
Tourists and residents mingle in historic Hero’s Square in Budapest, Hungary. Associated Press

For most Americans, traveling abroad has become much more affordable than it was five years ago. Not only has the U.S. economy finally bounced back, but 2016 has seen the dollar increasing in value against most major currencies. You might as well visit these countries where you’ll get a substantial bang for your buck.

1. Dominican Republic

. According to Lebawit Lily Girma, author of the forthcoming Moon guide to the Dominican Republic, “Traveling on a lower budget in the Dominican Republic is possible – the bonus is getting a more authentic picture of the country, immersing yourself in the culture, and meeting Dominicans, who are very friendly. There are comfortable, scenic guesthouses – for example in the hills of Puerto Plata or in beach haven Las Terrenas – at under $50 a night.”

2. Hungary

Although Hungary is a European Union member state, it isn’t part of the Eurozone, so you’ll need to be prepared to stock up on the local currency – the Hungarian forint – when you arrive.

Restaurant food is generally cheap here, and there are plenty of affordable hotels and even hostels with private rooms in spots such as Budapest, making it a good spot for budget travelers with more time than money. However, even those wanting a more luxurious experience will find that a room in a high-end Budapest hotel costs a fraction of what it might in other major European cities – even the Budapest iteration of the generally expensive Four Seasons chain, the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, has rooms for under $350 a night in the off-season.

3. Egypt

Political turmoil in the past few years has caused some travelers to balk at the idea of visiting Egypt, but the U.S. Department of State currently does not have any warnings against visiting the region. Cairo and popular tourist destinations such as Alexandria and the Nile River Valley are generally safe, with excellent infrastructure to boot.

Attractions are affordable overall; it’s just over $10 to visit the Pyramids of Giza, and many of the major attractions in Luxor, including the Karnak Temples and the Valley of the Kings, are similarly priced. It’s also a cheap place to stay, and you can find plenty of clean, oftentimes beautiful spots to lay your head for around $25 a night, such as the historic Philip House Hotel on the Alexandria coast.