Your purse prayers are answered

While some women search for the perfect man, I've been on a quest for the perfect purse. Requirements: must look great, hold everything but the kitchen sink, stand up to extreme hot or cold and tolerate my rough-and-tumble traveling life. As a travel girl, it's critical to own a snappy-looking sturdy bag to hold your passport, cell phone, a wallet, cosmetic bag, medications, earplugs, mints, at least one pen, a small notebook, snacks and anything that relates to the next destination. For me, an iPod also has to fit inside. With this carry-all as elusive as a hummingbird in winter, I've always carried an oversized ugly black leather bag that really could hold someone's kitchen sink – with dishes! Once at my destination, it is, of course, too big to lug around. So, I unpack a smaller version stowed in my luggage and transfer the bare necessities. This tedious process is reversed when I get home. But with the City Bagg by Baggallini, all my purse-prayers have been answered. At $69.99, it's the holy grail of purses. Baggallini doesn't make anything ordinary. They have huge nylon and microfiber bags, backpacks and shoulder bags. Available in 13 colors, the City Bagg is cute, with stylish lines that hide its durability and storage capacity. I bought my newfound treasure, took it home and transferred everything into this multipocketed rip stop nylon, waterproof wonder, small enough to use everyday, but large enough to hold a girl's essentials. Now, if only I could find the perfect shoes …