Husband signs the wrong passport

Q: My husband and I received our passports last year, and he signed mine by mistake. I've called the government passport office seven times and have gotten seven different answers as to how to handle this. What should I do?

We asked Florence Fultz, acting managing director of passport services at the Bureau of Consular Affairs (, for advice.

“I think she should apply for a new passport,” Fultz said bluntly, admitting that she'd never heard of spousal passport vandalism in the past. “There is no regulatory or legal prohibition against crossing out the name and having her sign it, but you never know what might happen in specific border control (instances).”

In other words, a passport marred by scratch-outs might give you no trouble whatsoever. Then again, a border agent may well look askance at your passport, then look askance at you and your husband.

Fultz: “So, to be on the safe side, come into the passport agency.”