Sippin' and slurpin' olive oil

I must admit, when I was invited to “slurp” olive oil out of a special glass while lunching at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Atlanta, I was a bit skeptical.

This was no wine tasting, yet the talk was of flavor and finesse, hints of pepper and measures of substance. We were tasting award-winning Ollo Extra Virgin olive oil, straight from Australia. There are two types: Fresh & Fruity (made from early harvest green olives) and Mild & Mellow (made from later season black olives).

When you hear the phrase “super Tuscan,” a glorious red wine probably comes to mind. But try this on for size: The olive trees that produce this just-right-for-dipping (or yes, even sipping!) oil include more than 10 superior Tuscan varieties.

At just $11 per bottle, it's a fabulous hostess gift, and something to keep on hand in your own cupboard.