Travel book reviews


By Eric Rabinowitz. Turbulence Music Corp., $14.95.

Singer and songwriter Rabinowitz of the band Turbulence visited Cancun so often he ended up assembling a detailed guidebook based on the results of an online survey. His second edition critiques more than 500 clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels depending on the votes and unpaid evaluations of tourists who posted their reactions on the “People's Choice” Web site. Rabinowitz fronts this most democratic of guides with his own insider rundown on transportation, weather, health, shopping, tipping, drinking, touring and hanging out in Cancun.

Margaret Backenheimer, Chicago Tribune


By Chris Strodder. Santa Monica Press. $19.95.

If your vacation plans include a trip to Disneyland, this new book can make you an expert on “The Happiest Place on Earth.” It's an A-to-Z guide to 500 people, places and things that have been part of the theme park during its 53-year history.

Here's a sample of what's inside the Disney book:

Plans for park attractions that never got built, such as Chinatown and Big Rock Candy Mountain.

A list of the oldest attractions that have been retired. The top honor went to the Circle-Vision theater, which was used for 42 years, from 1955 to 1997.

A list of 11 attractions and exhibits closed within one year of opening. The most recent was “Dalmatian Celebration,” which ran from November 1996 to January 1997. The exhibit was opened to promote the live-action version of “101 Dalmatians.”

Tips on finding 10 of the dozens of hidden images of Mickey Mouse scattered throughout the park – images built into the architecture of the park.

Sacramento Bee