Sweet affair leads to obsession

Yes, it's true. I'm having an affair. It started two months ago when an average-size box appeared at my door. It looked harmless and I opened it, not realizing it would lead to an almost obsessive devotion. Surprisingly, my husband and kids support my affair and are even encouraging it.

It's a chocolate affair! What else could lure a happily married woman away from home? The box held individually wrapped clear bags with cheerful pink-and-brown labels. Each contained a chocolate and caramel-covered pretzel. The tops are dipped in dark chocolate, covered with caramel and then covered in dark chocolate again. They cannot be duplicated in the kitchen – I know because I tried after my family and I devoured the lot in less than 10 minutes. Fortunately, ordering online is easy and My Chocolate Affair delivers. Two 30-something California girls are behind this delectable creation – owners Jamie Carota and Elizabeth Overton have known each other since kindergarten and started practicing their future business by making mud pies. They've come a long way, baby! Try these signature concoctions and you'll want to have a sweet affair too!