Hurricane season travel: Plan ahead

During hurricane season, it pays to take a few precautions when traveling:

Write down, or program into your cell phone, your airline's 800 number. If your flight gets canceled because of bad weather, you can call and re-book your flight while standing in line at the ticket counter. You just might be able to reschedule on the phone before you reach the front of the line.

Whenever possible, fly first thing in the morning. Evening flights have a higher chance of delays and cancellations.

Check with your airline and hotel to find out what their hurricane policies are. Some airlines allow customers to cancel penalty-free several days before a hurricane and either get money back or receive travel vouchers for a future trip. Hotels in hurricane-prone areas may have money-back guarantees.

If you take medication, pack extra in case you get stranded somewhere by inclement weather.

If you booked your hotel through a third party (such as, Expedia, etc.), call and confirm your reservation before you go.