Hoping for holiday flights? Book now

It's time to start your Christmas shopping – for holiday travel. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you consider how to nab that flight ticket to Grandma's.

Airlines have drastically cut back on flights, so there are fewer seats available this year than last. Bottom line? Book your seat now.

The highest ticket prices are for flights between the Friday and Sunday before Christmas (Dec. 19-21). Cheaper days to fly are the Tuesday before Christmas (Dec. 23) or on Christmas itself.

While connecting flights can be annoying, they can be significantly cheaper than direct or nonstop flights.

As for those busy airports, try to avoid connecting in Chicago, Atlanta, New York or Newark, N.J.

‘Green' holiday lists and ranks “green” hotels and outfitters. VroomVroomVroom .com, a rental-car booking site, boasts low prices and low guilt factor.

These sites join RezHub .com, which helps travelers find environmentally friendly hotels, activities, hybrid rental cars and flights (via carbon offsets).