Travel Books: History's big moments


A Visual History -

From Then to Now

Life Books. $29.95.

The editors of Life have chosen 100 iconic photographs from their massive collection that chronicle big moments in American history and culture, ranging from the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 to the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Larger-than-life personalities from past and present fill its pages.

The coffee table book is divided into three broad sections: people, places and things.

The themes and the people are many and fascinating: racial inequality in its various phases; women's suffrage and the feminist movement; writers and artists, singers and dancers, golfers and boxers; even murderers and thieves.

The "places" section begins out West at the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park, then moves east to New Hampshire and Cape Cod.

The final section, "things," concludes with images of the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore - no surprises there - but also with a photograph of a young Alexander Graham Bell displaying an early version of the telephone at the Centennial International Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876.

Juxtaposed on the opposite page is Steve Jobs introducing Apple's iPhone at the 2007 MacWorld Conference in San Francisco.

June Sawyers, Chicago Tribune