'The Marriage Ref' to hold casting call at State Fair

You're having a silly spat with your spouse that you just can't seem to settle. She refuses to let you install a stripper pole in the bedroom. He insists on parking his Harley in the den. You know you're right but your stubborn mate won't budge.

Well, what could be better than having a celebrity declare you to be "right" on national television? How about in addition to your spouse getting that much deserved verbal smackdown in front of the whole country, you also walk away with a cruise, a trip to New York, and $25,000?

Quarreling couples are about to get the ultimate "Toldja!" chance of a lifetime. The NBC reality show "The Marriage Ref," which uses a celebrity panel to settle disputes between married people, will hold open casting calls in Raleigh this week.

Each episode of "Marriage Ref" features several stories of bickering couples and then celebrities like Larry David, Madonna, and Tina Fey crack jokes and debate which person is right, with the guidance of host Tom Papa. Papa considers the points from the celebrities and then makes the call about who is right and who is wrong. The couples agree beforehand that they will abide by whatever decision Papa makes.

So what do you get for exposing your spouse's weirdness to the world? The featured spouses who are deemed "right" on each episode will all compete to see who is "most right," and that person will will win $25,000. Additionally, all couples who wind up being chosen for the show will be compensated financially, according to the show's casting agents. They will be given an all-expenses-paid trip to New York, the opportunity to meet the show's creator Jerry Seinfeld, and a generous prize package (last season was a second honeymoon/week-long cruise).

Here's more from the press release:

"The Marriage Ref" casting team is searching the country for outgoing and opinionated married couples that have a long-standing argument or issue that must be resolved. No problem is too small or too strange! Whether you argue about stuffing your family pet or installing stripper poles in the bedroom, we want to hear from you. Tell us why you absolutely NEED a MARRIAGE REF to weigh in and proclaim, for once and for all, who is RIGHT and who is WRONG. Couples across America we want to hear what absolutely makes you nuts when it comes to your partner! Tell us your story and you might just get the chance to state your case on TV in front of your favorite celebrities!

You can meet with the casting agents this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (October 15, 16, 17) at the NC State Fairgrounds. Go to Gate 8, there will be a tent.

Friday: 4pm to 8pm

Saturday: noon to 8pm

Sunday: noon to 8pm

You can also send an email to the casting folks for an appointment to meet with them while they're in town. The appointment-only casting calls are Monday and Tuesday (October 18 and 19) from 4pm to 9pm. They will have info for you about where those take place.

Neither Jerry Seinfeld nor Tom Papa will be present at any of the casting calls.