High hopes for Myrtle Beach biker rally

Some vendors have begun to set up, expecting crowds of bikers to arrive on the Grand Strand for this year's Cruisin' the Coast Spring Rally.

The event is expected to attract thousands of motorcyclists - mostly Harley-Davidson riders.

Organizers have said they expect a larger crowd to attend this year's rally, which runs through May 22, to be larger than a year ago.

One reason for the optimism is that this is the first year for the spring rally since the S.C. Supreme Court overturned the city's helmet requirement for all riders, part of a package of new rules the city approved in 2008 aimed at toning down the rallies.

The actions sparked an outcry from some bikers who said they would not be back to the beach because of it.

The state Supreme Court ruled that the city's helmet requirement was invalid just a couple of weeks after last spring's rally, saying it superseded state law, which only requires helmets for riders younger than 21.