Duo have Carolinas covered

Blog: Carolina Travel Planner.


What you'll find: Short and newsy items about where to go in the two-state area, and where to stop off when you're headed elsewhere. The pieces are by Lynn and Cele Seldon, a husband-wife travel writing team based in Oak Island. He's the lead writer, and she's the researcher for most of the pieces they sell to magazines and newspapers (including the Observer). For the blog, Cele pens most of entries, which often are tied to planning or executing their writing trips.

Oak Island is just north of the South Carolina line; coverage is close to 50-50 between them.

"It's a five-hour drive from home to Winston-Salem," he says, "but it's eight hours for us. We never seem to go to just one place; we take different roads and make stops along the way."

Lynn is a heavy-duty fan of minor-league baseball, a passion that can often take them on detours. He and Cele are also "foodies" - they're big on sharing their finds.

The Seldons try to post new pieces three or four times a week.

From the blog: "Restaurants have been serving beer on tap for generations. Why not wine? And now you can enjoy your favorite chardonnay or pinot noir right from the barrel at Table 301's newest establishment, Nose Dive, in Greenville, S.C.

"A new trend in wine service, Wine on Tap is a 'green' method of offering great wine by the glass while avoiding the potential for spoiled or corked wines. Delivered in reusable barrels, each holding the equivalent of 26 bottles, Wine on Tap also reduces the waste and carbon footprint of individual wine bottles, corks and labels.

"Nose Dive will be the first restaurant in Greenville, and among the first in the nation, to offer fine wines on tap. Initially, Nose Dive will offer four wines: Silvertap sauvignon blanc, Silvertap chardonnay, Silvertap merlot and Saintsbury pinot noir. But be on the lookout for additional offerings down the road from wineries including Lioco, Jed Steele, R. Stuart and Arcadian.

"Now that's what we call free flowing wine. Salute!"