These guys take you there vicariously

Blog: 91 Days.


What you'll find: Well-researched guides to places Juergen Horn and Michael Powell have visited for 13 consecutive weeks. The partners are based in Valencia, Spain.

Powell, an American, does the research and the writing. Horn, a German, shoots the photos.

They started a year ago. So far, they've spent 13 weeks in Oviedo, Spain, Savannah, Ga., Buenos Aires and Bolivia. Next up they'll be in Palermo, Sicily.

Their accounts are very close-up and incisive. Even if you think you're up to speed on Savannah, you'll be surprised at what you didn't know. When it comes to the other places they've visited, you're in for an amazing online trip.

From the blog: "Santa Cruz is in Bolivia's Amazonian Basin, surrounded by jungles, with the hot, humid climate of a rain forest. So the existence of a massive field of sand dunes just 16 kilometers (about 10 miles) south of the city is a geological marvel. On our very last day in Bolivia, we visited Las Lomas de Arena, declared a National Park in 1990. ...

"A strong wind was gusting down from the north, sending sand flying at incredible velocities. Protecting our faces as best we could, we clambered to the top of the first dune and discovered a beautiful lagoon on the other side. The park is home to 286 different bird species who use the safety of the dunes' lagoons for rest. We spotted a small falcon, and some other birds... that were colorful ... Sorry, I'm not an ornithologist. But they were definitely birds."