Eat, climb and laugh in Toronto

Arts, fine dining and live entertainment ... it's easy to see why Toronto - home to a third of Canada's entire population - is also Canada's No. 1 tourist destination.

A hidden gem: Squarely in the heart of downtown, the Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel is within walking distance of all of the city's go-and-do places, including the popular Nathan Philips Square skating rink.

The hotel is family-friendly and is equipped with an inviting swimming pool and hot tub on the 18th floor. It's reasonably priced and is an outstanding value. Details: 513yy.

Nota Bene: Nota Bene is consistently named one of the Toronto's finest restaurants. The menu is decidedly Canadian with a contemporary twist. Start with the delicious Glazed B.C. Black appetizer.

Nota Bene is directly across from Toronto's entertainment district. Make reservations well ahead of time:

Entertainment district: On Queen Street West is the popular live jazz club, The Rex. Whether or not you are a jazz aficionado, this is a great place to drop in and be wowed. Details:

The Second City: Toronto is synonymous with live comedy, and no trip to the city would be complete without experiencing the Second City sketch troupe: Alumni include John Candy, Steve Carrell and Tina Fey. Details:

The CN Tower: More than 1,800 feet high and dominating the skyline, the elevator takes only a pulse-pounding 60 seconds to reach the observation platform. Visit this popular place on a sunny, clear day for an unequaled panorama of Toronto, Lake Ontario and possibly even Niagara Falls. Details:

Arts district: Give your feet a rest by taking a Segway tour of the Distillery Arts District. Details: www.segwayof .

More on visiting Toronto: www.see .