Survey lists worst backseat drivers (and what they do to bug you)

There’s always a backseat driver who spoils your family’s summer road trip, right?

But who that is depends on who you are, according to a new survey of 500 drivers, conducted by

Spouses top the list. Among men drivers, 40 percent say their wives are worst, followed by friends (17 percent) and mothers (15 percent). Among women drivers, 34 percent say their husbands are the worst passengers, followed by their mothers (18 percent) and friends (15 percent).

How your kids rate

When men’s and women’s responses are combined, here’s where your children rank:

Adult daughter (7 percent)

Child/son (5 percent)

Adult son (4 percent)

Teen daughter (3 percent)

Child/daughter (3 percent)

Teen son (3 percent)

Top gripes

The study also asked what the top backseat offenses were, and here’s what all drivers reported:

Comments on driving speed (47 percent)

Gives directions (29 percent)

Talks too much (19 percent)

Pushes imaginary “brake” with foot (15 percent)

Fiddles with radio or CD player (10 percent)

Talks on phone or texts (7 percent)

Sings (6 percent)

Eats (3 percent)