UFO exhibition re-lands at Myrtle Beach

An intergalactic space exhibition has landed again in Myrtle Beach for another summer at Broadway at the Beach. “Encounters: UFO Experience,” near the Margararitaville restaurant, is open daily through Sept. 2.

Brian Bouquet, president and chief executive of The Event Agency in San Clemente, Calif., which oversaw the primary development and design of “Encounters,” said seven more exhibits have been added.

Visitor feedback from last summer prompted bringing in extra interactive activities to engage children, Bouquet said, so parents would have more time to review and read about artifacts, replicas and summaries of people’s reports from their outer-worldly experiences.

“Alien Hunter” is a laser tag-style shooting gallery and “Electromagnetic Propelled UFOs” is a propulsion exhibit where UFOs under glass are controlled by magnets with two hands at the helm to steer. They’re ready for visitors’ aim and balance.

“Kids have a much better time when they have something to do,” Bouquet said, noting the video game, with pop-up aliens awaiting target practice in one gallery, are “not loud enough to disturb parents reading” various UFO details on the walls and in the cases there.

A “Speak to Aliens” section will let kids who want to send a message into the galaxies put together words in “alien speak,” Bouquet said.

UFOs remain a “topic that never gets old,” Bouquet said, “and the search for extraterrestrial life and planets is ongoing,” so with space exploration in general revealing discoveries every few days of stars and places for possibilities for “habitable life,” people remain interested in outer space.

Leading a tour, Liberty Garcia, manager of “Encounters,” stopped by a big screen plugged into the Mutual UFO Network’s website: Maneuvering the mouse to pinpoint Myrtle Beach reveals some details of the 68 sightings people have reported along the Grand Strand. Garcia said vacationers love to to see what observations have been tallied in their hometowns.

Garcia also pointed out a wall about “Area 51,” an area in Nevada that has made news for decades from people wondering about UFO activity on site.

Guests also can peer into cases and get almost nose to nose with models of gray or green aliens.

In the “Alien Autopsy” case, feel free to insert your hands into an alien doll’s abdomen and feel something squishy and slimy.

“It’s kind of a tribute to ‘grossology,’ ” Bouquet said.