McCain meets Iraqi foreign minister

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has met with Iraq's foreign minister.

McCain and Hoshyar Zebari said during their meeting Sunday morning they discussed security improvements in Iraq as well as negotiations between the two countries outlining the future presence of U.S. military forces in Iraq.

Iraqi officials have raised a number of objections to the agreement.

Asked whether he would promise indefinite protection to the Iraqi people, McCain said the United States has made progress in Iraq and that the decision to send additional troops has worked. He criticized Democratic rival Barack Obama, saying Obama was wrong to say the surge would fail.

Obama backers active

Meanwhile, a new study shows wired Democrats are more likely than online Republicans to use the Internet for political reasons.

While Barack Obama is popular with the ever-expanding Internet community, that doesn't mean he's automatically got a huge advantage over McCain in the general election.

“Democrats and Obama backers are more in evidence on the Internet than backers of other candidates or parties,” according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project study released Sunday.

But Republicans are Web-active, too.

“There are few differences (among supporters of both parties) on basic measures such as using the Internet or going online to look for political news and information,” the report said.

Still, Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, starts the campaign with some unquestionable technological edges.

“Wired Democrats are outpacing online Republicans in their usage of the Internet for political reasons,” the Pew study said. McClatchy Newspapers