Offshore drilling for oil?

Haleigh Foster, 15, Weddington High School, Weddington: It's about time to start accessing whatever resources are available to Americans for our fuel needs. We are far too dependent on others for many resources, oil being at the top of the list. Our nation demands an endless supply of a commodity that we are unwilling to produce. That's why we are literally paying more for it every day. Natural landscapes are a luxury. Energy production has become a necessity.

Caley Scheppegrell, 14, home-schooled, Charlotte: I do not think drilling for oil on our shorelines is a good idea at all. For all the effort and money put into it, the project will only drop the price of gas a few cents. There are plenty of risks associated with drilling, too, such as oil spills. The government should take the money they might spend on drilling for oil and instead use it to develop alternate energy sources, which will last a great deal longer than the small amount of oil off the coast.

Matt Kon, 17, Providence High, Charlotte: Drilling off our shores is an impractical and costly short-term solution. President Bush should be more concerned with intelligent ways to become a more energy efficient nation, such as by investing in research for alternative fuels or modernizing the power grid, not by getting more oil.

Sam Sergi, 13, Providence Day School, Charlotte: Drilling for more oil could take years. There are also risks of oil spills hurting our oceans. Our government needs to look into more into alternative energy so we can prepare for the future. By the time oil is found, gas prices will be incredibly high. If we start looking into new sources of energy now, we could stop the need for gas helping the economy, and saving the environment.

Amanda Tant, 16, Butler High, Matthews: Drilling presents a risk for ocean contamination, which no one wants, as the ocean is necessary for human life. . It is time for conservatives and liberals alike to swallow their pride and recognize that alternate fuel research is the future. Similar to how the emphasis of education is used to decrease crime rates, research and funding need to be encouraged by all our politicians.