Ready for ‘Extreme' housewarming party

Curtis and Alisha King are to get their first look today at their “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” house and it should be an eye-opener.

Last week, they departed on a gift trip to Puerto Rico while their new house went up for the ABC show. They left behind a one-story, brick and metal siding home with mold problems. It was built in 1961 and had about 1,900 square feet.

Today they'll find a two-story dream house with front porches upstairs and down. At 5,100 square feet, it barely fits on their Sudbury Road lot.

With a façade of ledge stone, metal siding and cedar columns, it looks like it would be at home as a mountain lodge. Its tall roof soars over the Windsor Park neighborhood, where modest one-story brick homes are the standard.

Waves of volunteers – maybe 6,000 in all, organizers estimate – have been at work on the project since Tuesday. Thunderstorms interrupted construction a few times, but mostly it has been steady, steamy work.

Lead builder Rick Merlini of American Heartland had an 88-hour deadline for construction and landscaping.

He turned over the house to Lock and Key Productions of Hollywood, which produces the program for ABC, and the show's designers took over. Furnishings worth an estimated $75,000 or more were carried in and arranged for the reveal today.

“Extreme Makeover” host Ty Pennington will be back from Wisconsin today, where he has been working on another episode near Madison, for the segment where the show's bus is pulled away and the family sees their new digs.