No Obama ads in N.C. next week

Barack Obama's campaign is halting its TV advertising in North Carolina and six other states next week during the Democratic convention.

The campaign of Republican John McCain questioned whether the Obama campaign was pulling out of states where it was losing support.

But an Obama spokesman said the suspension of the TV advertising campaign was not a signal of any lessening of interest in North Carolina.

“The Obama campaign is committed to North Carolina, and nothing shows that more than that Sen. Obama was here on Tuesday and Wednesday,” said Paul Cox, a spokesman for Obama in North Carolina.

Obama's campaign said it suspending its ads in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Alaska, Montana and North Dakota for the duration of the convention. While recent polls have shown the race in North Carolina competitive, Obama has not been able to gain ground.

McCain has not begun advertising in the state, although viewers may have seen some advertising that were part of national advertising buys.

The two campaigns, meanwhile, continued to spin out attack ads Friday, casting each other as elites who couldn't grasp the needs of common Americans.

McCain on Friday reeled off another ad portraying Obama as nothing more than a celebrity. “Celebrities don't have to worry about family budgets, but we sure do,” the announcer says.

Obama, capitalizing on McCain's hesitation this week when asked how many houses he owned, countered with his own I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I riposte on cable television: “Maybe McCain thinks this economy is working – for folks like him.”

McCain this week did stumble when asked how many houses he owned, telling a reporter he would have to check. A review by The Associated Press shows that McCain and his family own at least eight homes.

The Associated Press contributed.